Highside Market Hosts Free Concerts to Celebrate Black Music Month

Highside Market Hosts Free Concerts to Celebrate Black Music Month

By Leslie Hudgins

As June marks Black Music Month, communities across the nation honor the contributions of Black artists to American culture. Established in the 1970s, this tradition celebrates the pivotal role of Black music in popular culture and beyond.

In Columbus, Highside Market is leading the charge with a series of free concerts in the park. These events are designed to foster community spirit through the universal language of music. "Music has a unique way of bringing people together, and this series is all about fostering a sense of community," said Christopher Woodruff, owner of Highside Market. "We want to create harmonious events because of the diversity of people involved."

The latest performance featured renowned jazz musician Charlie Ray, known as "Big Saxy," who captivated an audience of over 100 people from diverse backgrounds. Ray expressed how playing for such a varied audience has enriched his artistry. "As a musician, it's easy to get stuck in a box and play for other musicians, but performing for a diverse crowd is truly rewarding. I'm blessed to see a great turnout and have a fantastic band," he shared.

Big Saxy and his band will continue to grace Highside Market with their performances every month until fall. The market, situated in downtown Columbus, aims to provide a welcoming space for people of all walks of life to come together and enjoy live music.

Woodruff emphasized the concert series' role in building a cohesive community. "One of the main reasons for creating this free concert series was to foster a sense of community. Music brings people together, and that's crucial for creating harmonious events and programs," he said.

Highside Market's monthly events cater to a wide range of interests, from soulful jazz performances to upbeat rhythms, along with yoga sessions and family movie nights. 

For a glimpse of this month's concert highlights, visit our Instagram @courier_ecolatino.

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