Davis Broadcasting's Sunday Conversation

Davis Broadcasting's Sunday Conversation
Sunday Conversation

As graduation approaches, this week's Sunday conversation focuses on "Taking Care of Our Future." This week's special guest is  Kelli Moore, a representative of College Tours and More.  

The company offers comprehensive college tours beyond just a college bus and campus tours. Moore joined in 2010 after developing a deep passion for helping students after witnessing the transformative impact of college tours on their growth and development. 

Recognizing that many students lack the necessary information and guidance to make informed college choices, Moore has dedicated herself to assisting nearly a thousand students find their ideal colleges. According to Moore, this program differs from others because once enrolled, informational packets are sent out to students every month leading up to the tour. This helps students educate themselves about the institutions they'll be visiting and generates excitement about attending college. Additionally, the program provides career exposure opportunities, offering students a glimpse into various fields to help them envision their future careers.

She advises graduating high school seniors to familiarize themselves with the specific requirements of each college they're considering. This can save students from wasting time and money on application fees for schools where they may need to meet the criteria.

These requirements often vary based on factors such as GPA and test scores. Moore advises students to consult the college or university's website or contact the admissions office for accurate information. This proactive approach can streamline the college application process and increase students' chances of finding the right fit for their academic and personal goals.

Moore says that there might be better paths for some. Instead, she recommends obtaining a certificate or degree in your desired field. This will enable you to effectively market yourself in the job market and earn higher salaries in the future. According to Moore, a college degree can significantly alter the course of your life, opening up various opportunities in society. A study by the Bureau of Labor Statistics supports these claims by indicating that employee earnings and educational attainment are positively correlated. The BLS calculates that people with the greatest educational degrees make, on average, three times more money than people with the lowest levels of education, based on weekly earning data from 2017.

For students who are interested in attending college, Moore suggests starting the process as early as 10th grade. 

During this time, students are advised to explore their strengths and weaknesses and consider how these relate to potential careers. The next step involves exploring various career options that align with their strengths and developing a vision for their future careers. From there, students can collaborate with their counselors to identify colleges or programs that suit their qualifications, helping them to pursue their goals effectively.

If you're seeking information about the company "College Tour and More," you can visit their website at https://collegetoursnmore.com/. You can also contact a representative via text at (615) 988-4124 or request a callback. Representatives will also answer any questions students may have regarding their college experience, such as filling out FAFSA and applying for housing.

Why this is important to the Black and Hispanic community: The conversation with Kelli Moore is crucial for helping students in Black and Hispanic communities navigate the path to higher education. By providing targeted support, resources, and guidance, the program addresses the unique challenges these students face and empowers them to achieve their academic and career goals.

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