Davis Broadcasting, WTVM, and The Courier Eco-Latino Team Up to Address Local Violence

Davis Broadcasting, WTVM, and The Courier Eco-Latino Team Up to Address Local Violence

Community Invited to Get Involved at Citywide Stop the Violence Volunteer Fair

The sister stations of Davis Broadcasting, Inc. (DBI), television station, WTVM and The Courier Eco Latino Newspaper are joining forces to address violence in the Tri-City area. On Saturday, June 15, 2024, 12 p.m. – 2 p.m., on the lawn of the Columbus Public Library (3000 Macon Road, Columbus, GA, 31906), these media leaders are inviting community groups committed to curbing violence in our area to the first-ever Citywide Stop the Violence Volunteer Fair.

“Consistent violence in a community can make its citizens desensitized and even unresponsive to the needs that may contribute to the violence,” says Geniece Granville, DBI’s Vice President and General Manager. “Violence is not stopped by law enforcement alone. The contributing factors may be varied and complex, but there is still a way for community members to work together to bring hope, help, and human connection through consistent service. We are eager to highlight ways that people can get engaged through this fair.”

“WTVM News Leader 9 is honored to be included by Davis Broadcasting to help spread the word about this most vital community issue,” says Holly Steuart, Regional Vice President of Gray Television and General Manager of WTVM. “Davis Broadcasting has its finger on the pulse of the community and WTVM looks forward to helping the community find solutions to the plague of violence too many families are suffering.”

In that spirit, the organizers are asking two things:

First, all organizations with active programs focusing on curbing or stopping violence in our homes, schools, or community should sign up, come out, and share their mission along with ways people can get involved. All non-profits, whether tackling violence head-on or addressing systemic issues that contribute to violence, are invited to register by going to www.dbiradio.com/event/volunteer-fair.

Then, for those who want to be part of the solution, come meet us at the library on June 15th to connect with a volunteer opportunity that fits your area of concern. The first step is just to have a willing heart.

"In a world where violence often feels insurmountable, our collective voice becomes the beacon of hope, illuminating the path towards peace and understanding,” said Janell Williams, Editor-in-Chief of the Courier Eco-Latino. “We are so proud to help make strides in stopping violence in our community and be a voice for those we have lost.”

To underscore both the need for and importance of this message, every Wednesday leading up to the volunteer fair, all of the Davis Broadcasting radio stations stop the music at the top of each hour to shine a light on the violence that is happening in and around our neighborhoods. This is a reminder for those who will heed the call to come out and take action. Granville concludes, “DBI wants people to stop, pay attention, pray, and be a part of the solution. We are excited to partner and do just that.”

For more information, contact Geniece Granville at ggranville@dbicolumbus.com or Holly Steuart at holly.steuart@wtvm.com. 

About Davis Broadcasting Inc.

Davis Broadcasting Inc. is a locally, minority, and family-owned business committed to serving the community while providing broadcast excellence for over 38 years. Our mission is to provide impactful, informative, trusted, and entertaining programming to the local Tri-city community. We work to provide targeted audiences for our advertisers through the utilization of the 6 radio properties of Davis Broadcasting of Columbus and all digital assets and to intentionally and consistently provide services, events and programming that strengthen the civic and cultural life of our local and regional communities. To learn more about our organization, please visit us at: www.dbiradio.com.

About WTVM News Leader 9 

Proud to be the number one rated local television station in the Columbus GA – Auburn AL market, WTVM News Leader 9 serves the community by producing over 50 hours of local news, sports and weather every week for WTVM and two other local stations it operates. WTVM hosts multiple successful community drives every year, supporting local charities with food, coats, toys, and diapers, among other necessities. WTVM is owned by Gray Media, Inc., the second-largest broadcast group owner in the country. Gray Media owns 120 television stations. Gray Media proves its commitment to the local communities it serves by giving stations like WTVM state-of-the-art equipment to provide 24/7 life-saving weather coverage, local sports reporting and investigative journalism at the local level. 

About the Courier Eco-Latino newspaper

Founded in 2005, the Courier Eco-Latino is proud to amplify the voices of Black and Brown underserved communities in Columbus, Georgia, and its surrounding counties, reporting issues affecting their everyday lives without fear or favor. As the only bi-lingual publication in the Tri-City area, we made a conscious decision to report only local news. Our mission, from the beginning, has been to educate, enlighten, inform, empower and inspire. We are a voice for those who need a platform to plead their cause. To learn more about our publication, please visit our website.

Why this is important to the Black and Hispanic community: The collaborative effort by Davis Broadcasting, Inc. (DBI), WTVM, and The Courier Eco Latino Newspaper to address violence in the Tri-City area is profoundly significant for the Black and Hispanic communities for several key reasons, including community empowerment, resource mobilization and building solidarity. The Citywide Stop the Violence Volunteer Fair and the ongoing efforts by DBI, WTVM, and The Courier Eco Latino Newspaper play a crucial role in addressing violence in the Black and Hispanic communities. By fostering community engagement, raising awareness, and promoting collaborative solutions, this initiative helps create a safer, more supportive environment for all residents.

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