Byron Hickey Sworn in as Columbus, GA District 1 Council Representative

Byron Hickey Sworn in as Columbus, GA District 1 Council Representative

By Janell Williams

Columbus, GA — Byron Hickey was officially sworn in as the District 1 council representative for Columbus, GA, in a ceremony held on Tuesday, July 9, 2024. Hickey, who has a background in community service and local governance, pledged to serve the residents of District 1 with dedication and integrity.

Amidst Hickey's swearing-in, the Columbus City Council passed a significant measure allowing retired state employees and officials to draw their pensions while receiving city funds simultaneously should they decide to run for Council. The vote reflects ongoing discussions about compensation and benefits for public servants in the city.

As this decision only affects retired individuals running for City Council, some council members had questions about the concern this raises for retirees who proceed to run for other City positions.

"My concern is that if employees retire and run for any other office in the future will see an impact on the pension plan. I am trying to figure out why a person running for one of these [political] seats outside of City Council is not allowed to receive a pension and draw a salary as well," said District 3 Councilman Bruce Huff.

Hickey's appointment and the new council measure mark a notable day for Columbus, with potential implications for the city's governance and financial policies.

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