We’re Transitioning to a Digital Era: A Pillar in the Community’s Journey

We’re Transitioning to a Digital Era: A Pillar in the Community’s Journey

By Wane A. Hailes

For nearly two decades, the Courier Eco Latino has been a vital source of information, inspiration, and empowerment for the Black and Brown communities in Columbus and surrounding areas. As we celebrate our 19th year, we are transitioning from a traditional print publication to a comprehensive digital platform to better serve our community and extend our reach. This shift will enhance our ability to engage with readers, provide real-time updates, and maintain our commitment to advocating for social change and fostering community solidarity.

NAACP Raises Concerns Following Election Day Incident

By Leslie Hudgins

At a press conference on May 22nd, the NAACP addressed potential voter suppression incidents from election day, emphasizing a security scare at the Shirley Winston Recreation Center where a masked gunman caused voters to flee without casting their ballots. Lucas Multo of the NAACP highlighted concerns about voter safety, absentee ballot counting, and communication about polling location changes, calling for a full investigation into these issues. Nancy Boren, Director of Elections, detailed existing security protocols and measures to address absentee ballot delays, suggesting improvements for future elections.

Columbus Residents Maintain Leadership, Select New Faces in Local Elections

By Kirsten J. Barnes

Columbus residents reelected most of their local leaders on May 21, 2024, while selecting several new officials for open seats. Incumbent Columbus Council members Glenn Davis, Garry Allen, and Walker Garrett were unopposed, and Toyia Tucker narrowly retained her District 4 seat. The Columbus Council-At-Large seat will have a runoff between Travis Chambers and John Anker, while voters also renewed the ESPLOST with strong support.

Time Out! Celebrating Local Student and Athlete Achievements in 2024

By Jerome Bryant

As the 2024 school year concludes, the tri-city area is celebrating numerous student and athlete achievements, including state championships and significant individual milestones. Highlights include Brookstone High School's victory as GIAA Class 4A State Champions, Columbus High Golf team's strong finish in the AAA Boys State Championship, and multiple college sports signings. The community is also excited about upcoming events like the 43rd Annual NAIA Softball National Championship and the kickoff of the Girls Flag Football season.

Davis Broadcasting Launches 'Silence for Awareness' Campaign to Combat Violence in Columbus

By Leslie Hudgins

Davis Broadcasting Inc. is pausing its radio programming every Wednesday for one minute to raise awareness about increasing violence in Columbus, encouraging community reflection and involvement. This initiative leads up to the Citywide Stop the Violence Volunteer Fair on June 15, 2024, where local organizations will gather to promote volunteerism and collective action against crime.

So Here We Are, Just Like I said We Would Be

By Wane A. Hailes

When multiple Black candidates run for the same position, the vote can become fragmented, often benefiting the opposition and resulting in elected officials who may not prioritize the Black community's needs. In the recent District 10 At-large seat election, two Black candidates split the vote, leading to a runoff between Travis Chambers and John Anker. Community leaders had urged the Black candidates to collaborate and support the strongest contender, emphasizing that true leadership should prioritize collective progress over individual recognition.

Columbus Attorney William J. Wright  Passes Leaving a Distinguished Legacy

By Wane Hailes

Attorney William J. "Bill" Wright, Sr., born in Columbus, GA, in 1940, was a prominent figure in his community, known for his dedication to justice and equality. After active involvement in the civil rights movement and serving in the U.S. Army, he became a distinguished lawyer, founding The Wright Legal Group and participating in over 1,000 jury trials. Bill's legacy includes his contributions to community organizations, his passion for history, and his deep faith, leaving a lasting impact on his family and community until his passing on May 16, 2024.

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