Travis Chambers Wins Primary Runoff for District 10 At-Large City Council Seat

Travis Chambers Wins Primary Runoff for District 10 At-Large City Council Seat

By Janell Williams

Travis Chambers clinched victory in the District 10 At-Large City Council primary runoff in Columbus, GA, securing 6691 votes against opponent John Anker's 5891 votes. His win signals a shift toward new leadership in the city, driven by his focus on economic growth and community needs, amidst high voter turnout and widespread support for change. Chambers' campaign promises to usher in a fresh approach to governance, emphasizing transparency and innovation in tackling local challenges.

Col. Eldridge Singleton Appointed First Black Commander of WHINSEC: A Milestone in Military Leadership

By Leslie Hudgins

Col. Eldridge Singleton makes history as the first Black Commander of WHINSEC, appointed on Juneteenth at Fort Moore military base. With over two decades in the U.S. Army, Singleton's leadership marks a significant milestone for the institute, emphasizing mentorship and inclusivity in military education across Latin America and the Caribbean. His journey from infantryman to commander reflects a dedication to service and strategic engagement, inspiring future military and civilian leaders.

The Results Will Show In the Game and Carry on to Life: Bryant Thomas and his Basketball Coaching Journey

By Micahya Costen

Bryant Thomas, inspired by his early basketball experiences and influenced by his father's coaching decisions, found his passion for player development and coaching. From playing point guard in high school and college to coaching various teams including St. Anne-Pacelli High School's championship-winning girls' basketball team, Thomas emphasizes perseverance and skill mastery both on and off the court. His dedication to youth sports in Columbus reflects a commitment to nurturing young athletes and teaching valuable life lessons through basketball.

Michael Soul Muhammad Reflects on Black Music Month and Three Decades of Musical Evolution

By Leslie Hudgins

Michael Soul Muhammad, music director and DJ at Davis Broadcasting, reflects on the cultural impact of Black Music Month, highlighting its role in showcasing diverse musical genres and fostering new talent over his three-decade career in radio. He emphasizes the pivotal role of radio stations in breaking artists and shaping musical trends, encouraging grassroots promotion and community engagement as vital for aspiring musicians seeking broader recognition.

Columbus, Georgia Remembers Dr. William Pickard

By Wane Hailes

William F. Pickard, renowned entrepreneur and philanthropist, passed away at his home in West Palm Beach, Florida, at the age of 83. Known for his pioneering role as one of the first Black franchise owners of a McDonald's in Detroit, Pickard went on to found the Global Automotive Alliance and co-managed MGM Grand Detroit Casino. Throughout his life, he donated millions to support various causes in the Black community and was a prominent figure at business symposiums and civic events, leaving a lasting legacy in business and community leadership.

District 10 Changes Colors. This Is What Happens When We Vote!

By Wane Hailes

This week in his column, A View From A Pew, our Publisher Wane Hailes talks about the recent runoff election. He delves into a historic moment for Columbus: the election of Travis Chambers as the second Black candidate to an at-large City Council seat, signaling a significant step forward in representation and inclusivity.

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