Michael Soul Muhammad Reflects on Black Music Month and Three Decades of Musical Evolution

Michael Soul Muhammad Reflects on Black Music Month and Three Decades of Musical Evolution

By Leslie Hudgins

In commemoration of Black Music Month, Michael Soul Muhammad, music director at K92.7 and veteran DJ with Davis Broadcasting, discussed the significance of the celebration and the evolution of music spanning three decades.

"Black Music Month is a celebration of our music across genres—hip hop, R&B, jazz, Southern soul," Soul explained. "It's a platform to showcase artists, highlight memorable moments, and introduce new talent. I'm passionate about Black Music Month."

Soul's DJ career began in the late '80s at WWHR while he was a student at the University of Kentucky. With a degree in broadcasting and a minor in psychology, he launched his professional career at Magic 98.3 in Columbus, Georgia. Since joining Davis Broadcasting in April 1994, he has played a pivotal role in the region's music scene for over three decades.

Reflecting on the pre-internet era, Soul underscored the role of radio stations in breaking new artists, noting how local venues like clubs and businesses were crucial for building an artist's local following before gaining national exposure. "Breaking a record" involved being the first to play it and giving it substantial airplay to reach listeners daily.

Davis Broadcasting's stations in the '90s and early 2000s were instrumental in launching the careers of artists such as YG with "Toot it and Boot it," Plies with "Shawty," Kia with "My Neck, My Back," and others across Southwest Georgia.

As influential tastemakers, DJs like Soul bridge the gap between artists and their communities, shaping music trends and preferences. Soul advises emerging artists to focus on grassroots promotion, cultivating local support in places like barbershops, grocery stores, buses, and clubs before seeking radio airplay. Establishing relationships with local DJs, including those at strip clubs, can significantly boost an artist's visibility and career trajectory.

Soul also emphasized the importance of understanding a station's music day—a designated time for reviewing new submissions to determine what qualifies as "Radio Ready." Artists interested in submitting music can contact Soul via email at mikesoul105@gmail.com.

Amid ongoing celebrations of Black Music Month, Muhammad stressed that "Music is a universal language that transcends boundaries and unites us all," reaffirming the cultural and community significance of black music.

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