OK Still no Meeting? Maybe This Will Help…Numbers Don’t Lie

OK Still no Meeting? Maybe This Will Help…Numbers Don’t Lie

A View from A Pew:
OK, Still no Meeting? Maybe This Will Help…Numbers Don’t Lie

By Wane A. Hailes
It is said that repetition is the first principle of all learning. Research shows that being exposed to information in a single instance is not enough to guarantee understanding of the concept.

In hopes that eventually two of the three candidates will realize how important it will be not to split the vote is why I continue to provide the same information in this column for the past two weeks. This week will be no exception.

The 2024 election for the District 10 at large seat has the potential to bring about a seismic shift of power on our city council if a Black candidate is elected to the position that has been dominated for years by White candidates.

Once again brother’s Chambers, Marsh and Leonard I come to you on behalf of the Black community of Muscogee County. Last week I provided you with the numbers of registered and actual Black male and female voters in the last election. This week let me breakdown those numbers for the three of you like you are 4-year-olds according to the last two at-large city council elections. And then, because John Anker has recently run at-large as a mayoral candidate the results of his election must be considered when determining which of you has the best opportunity to serve.

During the last general election for the district 10 City council seat there were three candidates John House, Amy Bryant and Tollie Strode. Bryant garnered the most votes; 9,012, House came in second with 7,420 votes and the Black candidate Strode came in a distant 3rd with 5,531 votes. The election ended with a runoff because no one received 50% of the vote. Had this been a two person race the outcome may have been different.

In 2022 the district 9 election there were 5 candidates, two were Black. The incumbent, Judy Thomas won outright with 52.67% of the vote because the extensive number of candidates split the vote.

The qualifying deadline to run for this position is not until March of 2024. As expected, the White community has at this time one candidate expected to contend for this seat. They understand the importance of maintaining the majority on city council. They also understand that if there is more than one Black candidate in the race they win.

John Anker, in his race for mayor against “Skip” Henderson received 37.88% of the vote against
Henderson’s 62.12%.

In the upcoming election he will have name recognition and the financial support to run a city-
wide campaign. Which of the three of you can say you have name recognition and the financial
support to mount a successful campaign?

I’ve said it before and will continue to say it. There is no doubt that the district 10 at-large council seat is a winnable seat for us in the 2024 election. We have won city wide seats in the past with the right candidate. Whether that comes to fruition next election, however, will depend on the three of you.

The numbers don’t lie. Which of you are going to stop lying to yourself and do what is best for our community?

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