Local boutique owner heads to New York for Fashion Week

Local boutique owner heads to New York for Fashion Week

By Janell Williams


For some people, choosing an outfit is just a normal way to start their day. For Laketha Ashe, choosing an outfit is a way to express her passion and creativity. Ashe will have the opportunity to showcase that passion on Feb. 9 at New York Fashion Week.

Ashe began to explore her passion for fashion after taking a home economics course. She learned to sew and began redesigning her hand-me-downs. 

“I took a home economics class where I learned how to sew with a machine. At home I had a needle and thread, so I learned how to sew with that too. One day, my mom gave me a dollar, so I went and bought a piece of fabric and made a pair of Bermuda shorts. It wasn’t much, but they were mine.”

That pair of Bermuda shorts was just the beginning. Ashe began to make more clothes for herself with spare sheets and curtains from her mother. Having clothes that were just hers sparked the name for what would become her thriving boutique, Just Myne.

Ashe is continuing to follow her dreams as she prepares her team to head to New York next month for Fashion Week. 

“It all started when I got this email about the invite. I thought it was spam, so I ignored it. About a week later, I got a phone call from a rep, and she told me it was all legit,” Ashe said.

As a Columbus native, Ashe decided to share her blessing with other Columbus creatives. She is bringing a team of 12 with her to put her showcase together.

“They told me that I had access to their models and everything, but I decided to bring along a few of my own models, local makeup artists, photographers and hairstylists.”

Ashe also wants to encourage diversity and inclusion with her clothes. Her team includes models of different body types and heights to highlight her belief that beauty comes in multiple shapes and sizes. 

As the date fast approaches, Ashe and her team are hosting multiple events to help fund the trip. One of the events is a fashion show being held this Sunday, Jan. 28th, at 6 p.m. Community members can also become a sponsor or make a donation.

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