Center Stage: Meet Keith McCoy| Springer Opera House Artistic Director

Center Stage: Meet Keith McCoy| Springer Opera House Artistic Director

By Leslie Hudgins

What inspired you to start working at Springer Theatre?

We all possess unique talents and skills, gifts that can be harnessed to make a difference in the lives of others. It may sound like a cliché, but it's a truth I've come to live by. The Springer Opera House has provided me with a grand stage to share my abilities and to help others along their journey. This platform has allowed me to focus on what truly matters: my talents to make the world a better place, one performance at a time.

Can you share some of your background and experiences that prepared you for this role?

Throughout my extensive career, spanning more than twenty-five years, I have had the opportunity to perform in a wide array of venues. From indoor and outdoor settings to regional theatres, summer stock companies, national tours, and even theme parks, my experience is a testament to my adaptability and versatility in the performing arts industry. I’ve also had the honor of performing at The Edinburgh Festival Fringe, the world's largest arts festival, held in Scotland's capital city.

​​As an educator, I’ve taught at Mad River Theatre Works in Bellefontaine, Ohio, Playhouse on the Square Summer Youth Conservatory in Memphis, TN., The Springer Theatre Academy, Juneau Dance Theatre in Juneau, AK., and the Roanoke and New River Valley in Virginia. 

​I’ve also worked regionally as a director and choreographer. For 10 years, I served as the Associate Artistic Director for Adaire Theatre in Pulaski, Va., curating and implementing the theatre's artistic needs, from play selection to casting to the rehearsal process. I assisted in the planning and implementation of productions for each season, as well as any special projects, educational commissions, and outside collaborations.

What are your future goals for the Springer Theatre? 

I aim to present quality theatrical productions while enriching the cultural life of the greater Chattahoochee Valley, the state of Georgia, the United States, and the international community. As Artistic Director, I aim to preserve, expand, and produce titles that speak to the broadest possible audiences while nurturing aspiring artists.

What impact has the Singer Theatre had on the community?

The Springer Opera House has impacted this community for over 150 years. It is the community's home for live entertainment, educational programs, outreach, and new works. The overall impact on the community is that everyone is welcome and “seen.”

How can the community and potential volunteers get involved or find show information?

The community can find information on all programming and productions by visiting our website at  

The Springer uses volunteers in many facets of theatre. To find out how you can volunteer, contact Community Engagement Coordinator Machell Dooley at 706-256-3490 or

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