Georgia Prepares for Sweeping Changes as New Laws Take Effect July 1, 2024

By Janell Williams

As of July 1, 2024, Georgia residents will experience substantial legislative changes affecting various aspects of life, from criminal justice and housing to education and public safety. Key updates include new liabilities for illegal telemarketing, strengthened tenant rights, school vouchers, enhanced drug overdose prevention, and increased penalties for crimes like livestock theft and illegal drag racing. Additionally, reforms aim to improve social media safety for children, expedite professional licensing, and enforce stricter measures against illegal immigration and drug-related offenses.

My Heart Never Left: Edwin Jackson's Legacy and Community Impact in Columbus

By Micahya Costen

Former Major League Baseball player Edwin Jackson, who fondly regards Columbus as his hometown despite his international beginnings, is dedicated to giving back to the community he cherishes. He emphasizes the importance of creating positive experiences and opportunities for the city's youth, particularly through events like 706 Day, which he supports to foster community unity and offer fun, safe activities. Jackson hopes to inspire the next generation to excel academically and in life, driven by the same passion and humility that have guided his own journey.

Breaking Barriers and Inspiring Change: The Trailblazing Journeys of Georgia's First Black Misses

By Janell Williams

In a groundbreaking achievement for Georgia, Ludwidg “Lulu” Louizaire and Carrington Manous have become the first Black Miss Georgia and Miss Georgia Teen, respectively, championing diversity and inspiring the next generation. Both women have overcome personal challenges and utilized their platforms to advocate for inclusivity and community impact, with Louizaire focusing on representation for underrepresented communities and Manous advocating for neurodivergent students. Their historic victories highlight a commitment to paving the way for a more inclusive and equitable future in pageantry and beyond.

Center Stage: Meet Keith McCoy | Springer Opera House Artistic Director

By Leslie Hudgins

Keith McCoy, inspired by a desire to use his talents for positive change, has embraced his role at the Springer Theatre as a platform to impact others through performance. With over 25 years of diverse experience in the arts, including extensive work as a director, choreographer, and educator, McCoy aims to enrich the cultural life of the community and beyond. He emphasizes the theatre's long-standing tradition of inclusivity and community engagement, inviting everyone to get involved and experience the transformative power of the arts.

Be Careful When You Air Your Dirty Laundry in Public, You Just Might End Up Showing Your Own Drawers

By Wane Hailes

This week in his View From a Pew, Wane recounts the wisdom imparted by his mother about gaining understanding with age and criticizes Muscogee County School Board vice chair Laura McRae for not having similar guidance. McRae publicly admitted she voted on a crucial issue without fully reading or understanding the details, leading to the author's disappointment and a call for accountability from her constituents. Will McRae learn from this mistake and not repeat it?

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