Republican Candidate in Columbus Enters Race for Congress

Republican Candidate in Columbus Enters Race for Congress

By Kirsten J. Barnes
Special to the Courier Eco Latino

Republican Regina “Reggie” Liparoto, executive director of Columbus South, Inc. and former
radio and television personality, is running for Congress against incumbent Rep. Sanford D.
Bishop Jr.
Liparoto made her official announcement on Thursday, Feb. 15 at Ruth Ann’s Restaurant before
the media and about two dozen supporters saying: “It was not an easy decision… I feel like it’s
time to take down the Bishop monarchy.”
“I have worked on everybody else’s campaign for so long,” she said at Ruth Ann’s, referring to
people who have run against Bishop in the past. “We haven’t been able to successfully flip that
Bishop is seeking his 17 th term in Congress for his 30-county district.
Liparoto said she was approached after the Republican National Convention last year and
recruited to run for office. After much prayer, she said, she decided to enter the race.
She believes Republican candidates keep losing to Bishop because they are not the right person.
“Bishop is a seasoned politician and in deep with people who have money,” Liparoto said in a
telephone interview with The Courier Eco-Latino. “ He has a machine that he keeps going with
every election. I call it a Bishop monarchy because I think when politicians stay in office too
long, they lose perspective.
“It’s hard to go up against a man with a money machine like Bishop, but we need fresh eyes.”
Liparoto hopes to engage voters from 30 counties like Columbus and Bainbridge, Ga., which is
the largest geographical district within the entire state.

“I’m a Christian Conservative Constitutionalist who is pro-life, pro-military and pro-law
enforcement,” she said. “I know the issues and I know how to speak to them. I am fresh on the
radar of what is working and what isn’t working in the district.”
She believes “the district has been politically divided for so long” and hopes people will look
beyond “race” and vote for the best candidate.
The district, made up of over 750,000 residents, is approximately 65 percent urban and 35
percent rural. It is about 51 percent black, 41 percent white and has historically been a strong
Democratic voting area.
“Bishop has voted lockstep with Biden for too long and it’s not the right choice for the district,”
Liparoto said.

In 2018 Liparoto ran unsuccessfully against incumbent Judy Thomas for the Columbus Council
District 9 seat but has no prior elected office experience.
At her announcement, the South Columbus native and Baker High School graduate discussed her
pro-life commitment, her strong concern for farmers, and her support for those with disabilities,
as the mother of a son with autism.
By contrast, Bishop has more than 30 years of legislative experience. He was first elected to
Congress in 1992 after serving in the Georgia House of Representatives from 1977 to 1990 and
in the Georgia Senate from 1991 to 1992.
“I believe God has blessed me with tools and talent to use my position in Washington as a
ministry of public service,” Bishop said in a video on his website. “With your vote, you can keep
a proven leader working for you.”
Efforts to reach Congressman Bishop for this story were unsuccessful.
Early voting begins February 19 and ends March 8, with the Primary Election taking place on
March 12.
Beginning Monday, Columbus residents can vote at the City Services Building, located at 3111
Citizens Way, behind the Columbus Public Library on Macon Road, Columbus Technical
College, located at 928 Manchester Expressway, and Shirley Winston Recreation Center, located
at 5025 Steam Mill Road.


Kirsten J. Barnes is a professional journalist with more than thirty years of reporting, editing,
and public relations experience. She holds degrees in journalism from Alabama State University
and The University of Alabama. Contact her at

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