Edward DuBose Re-Elected to Fifth Term on NAACP National Board

Edward DuBose Re-Elected to Fifth Term on NAACP National Board

ATLANTA – The Georgia NAACP proudly announces the re-election of Administrator Edward O. DuBose to his fifth consecutive term on the NAACP National Board of Directors. The election took place during the National Board meeting convened in New York City on February 17, 2024.

Born in Atlanta, Georgia, Elder Edward O. DuBose has dedicated his life to service and advocacy, demonstrating an unwavering commitment to civil rights and social justice. A veteran of the United States Army, DuBose served honorably for 21 years before transitioning to a career marked by profound leadership and advocacy.

DuBose’s academic accomplishments are as impressive as his professional achievements. He holds multiple degrees, including an Associate Degree in General Education, Associate and Baccalaureate degrees in Business Administration, and a Master’s Degree in Counseling and Psychology. Furthermore, he is a licensed professional counselor with certifications in various specialized areas, showcasing his dedication to advancing mental health and well-being.

Throughout his illustrious career, DuBose has held prominent positions within the NAACP, which includes serving on the National Board as the Chairman of Armed Services and Veterans Affairs Committee. In that role, he negotiated the historic signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between the NAACP and the United States Department of Veterans Affairs at the NAACP 114th National Convention in Boston, Massachusetts in July 2023. DuBose has also served as the President of the Columbus, Georgia, Branch and as the President of the Georgia State Conference. His leadership has been instrumental in spearheading significant civil rights initiatives, including organizing historic protests and advocating for landmark legal settlements to protect voting rights.

Some of DuBose’s notable achievements include leading the largest protest march in Columbus, Georgia’s history, and securing the release of individuals wrongfully incarcerated. His tireless efforts have garnered recognition and numerous awards, solidifying his reputation as a distinguished civil rights leader.

Elder DuBose’s re-election to the NAACP National Board of Directors underscores his continued dedication to advancing the organization’s mission of ensuring political, educational, social, and economic equality for all. His leadership and vision will undoubtedly guide the NAACP in addressing the pressing issues facing communities across the nation.

Elder DuBose is supported in his endeavors by his devoted wife of 39 years, Cynthia DuBose, and their three daughters, Cynthia Harris, Casonya Glover, and Kimberly DuBose.



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