Center Stage: Meet Dewayne Webb| Faith-Based Fitness Guru

Center Stage: Meet Dewayne Webb| Faith-Based Fitness Guru

By Leslie Hudgins

We’re thrilled to be connecting with Dewayne Webb, a local fitness trainer who’s not only transforming lives with their expertise in health and wellness but is also a passionate advocate for making fitness accessible to everyone in our community. Dewayne is the President of the All About Fitness (AAF) nonprofit. Check out our conversation with Dewayne Webb below.

What inspired you to start All About Fitness, and how does your faith influence the mission and activities of the organization?

I was cold! I originally started All About Fitness Club, the original name, in 2012 because I was cold. The U.S. had just stationed me in South Korea in August 2012. By September, we were already engulfed in snow. I originally started  All About Fitness Club as a way to motivate people to come together to workout during the winter versus hibernating all winter. 

My Faith greatly influences the mission and activities of AAF. I decided from the onset to always keep AAF workouts, workshops and activities free so the underserved and low-income could benefit. I decided to create a safe environment where people from all walks of life could gather. Lastly, I decided to base everything on the love of God. We show the love of God to the unchurched, hurt, neglected, downtrodden, vulnerable and forgotten. Lastly, we pray before every AAF event, in-person or virtual. 

Can you share a specific moment or experience that solidified your decision to launch this nonprofit?

Seeing the lack of free TOTAL fitness organizations (the AAF mention is to encourage our communities to be totally fit — mentally, physically, financially, legally, relationally & spiritually) in the community solidified my decision to launch this nonprofit. 

Can you share some of your background and experiences that led you to establish a faith-based nonprofit focusing on fitness?

I grew up as a PK (preacher’s kid). My dad raised me to put others before myself and to always help those in need. My upbringing taught me the importance of showing God’s love to others. As an adult, I made it a point to do all I could to help the forgotten and less fortunate. 

What are some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced in running a nonprofit organization, especially one that combines fitness and faith? 

Space & funding. AAF is growing by immeasurable amounts each year. The biggest challenges are finding free space for the growing crowds to conduct workouts in inclement weather and to conduct free workshops. Another challenge is funding. Finding organizations to donate buildings, materials for AAF and money has been a challenge amid our growth. 

How have you overcome these obstacles?

AAF has overcome these obstacles by partnering with local organizations such as Columbus Parks & Recreation, Columbus Karate Academy International, Ranger Outreach Center (part of St. Luke Ministry to the Military), Phenix City Parks & Recreation & The Food Mill Columbus. Funding has been sporadic and has come through small donations from private donors and local businesses. 

What are your future goals for All About Fitness? 

My goals for AAF are to keep expanding, reach and help more of our community members. I want to continue to inspire AAF participants to, in turn, impact their respective communities. 

What impact All About Fitness has had on the community?

AAF has inspired participants to improve in every aspect of their lives —-mentally, physically, financially, relationally and spiritually. Participants have cleared up legal hurdles to start businesses. Participants have reached out to family members to build or rebuild relationships. Participants are seeking mental health counseling for the first time in their lives. A1C levels, blood pressure and waistlines are coming down in the physical fitness aspect. 

How can the community and potential volunteers get involved and support your mission?

The community and potential volunteers can get involved by showing up to any workout, workshop or benefit. They can also contact us via phone at 706-478-7414 or email at

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