A View From A Pew

A View From A Pew

“Read Between The Lines” …there is much more to the vote to postpone “Pop” Barnes’s replacement

In case you haven’t figured out the title it is “Read Between The Lines” …there is much more to the vote to postpone “Pop” Barnes’s replacement.

Reading between the lines means the ability to understand the implicit, hidden, or unspoken meaning behind a communication’s explicit words. It’s about perceiving the nuances, underlying emotions, or intentions that aren’t directly stated but are indicated through context, tone, choice of words, or even what is not said. The late radio host Joe Madison used to say: “Always look at things with a third eye and listen with a third ear.” Meaning, listening for deeper layers of meaning in order to glean what has not been said outright.

When you follow Joe’s instructions and “look at the City Council meeting that took place on April 23, 2024 “with a third eye” then inquiring minds would ask why are these, so-called “outside agitators”, (Caucasians on city council) so concerned with deciding who the Black representation should be in District 1. After all the District is 63.43% Black. Instead, you have Glenn Davis, Joanne Cogle, and Charmaine Crabb lined up to vote for Byron Hickey a former police officer who sued the city in 2010

Once again, as she did with former Chief Freddie Blackmon, she has gone along to get along with Toyia Tucker, whose perfidy to the Black community is becoming more and more obvious every day. With every vote, she has aligned herself with the aforementioned “three amigos.” She has promised to vote in solidarity with them against the most obvious and most qualified individual replacement, former State Representative Calvin Smyre.

When you follow Joe’s instructions and “listen to the city council meeting that took place on April 23, 2024 “with a third ear” inquiring minds would ask what is the real reason behind Joanne Cogle’s request to postpone the vote for 30 days. Thirty days mean that the vote would come after the election. We understand that many of Tucker’s constituents have warned her that if she votes against Smyre, they will not vote for her. If the vote is held after the election, do you think she would care what the voters in her district think?

There is an effort underway to elect individuals who will vote with Davis, Cogle, Crabb and Tucker. If they can get their appointee, they would be that much closer to getting the six votes needed on the City Council to wreak havoc on this city. And that is something this community can ill afford to let happen. It’s time for the constituents of District 1 to stand up, speak up and tell those “Outside Agitators” and Toyia Tucker to sit down and shut up! Do not let them make decisions for you, about you, without you. Let your voices be heard!!!

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