A View From a Pew: I give up! I guess I’ll have to pray and leave it up to the voters

A View From a Pew: I give up! I guess I’ll have to pray and leave it up to the voters

By Wane A. Hailes


Well, I’m done. I’ve done my part as a publisher and as a Black publication. From our inception, the mission of our publication has been to inform, educate and empower our readers and Black and Brown communities with the facts. For the past few weeks, that is what we have done. The numbers don’t lie.


 And honestly, that is all we can and are expected to do.


I am past having hope that the three Black candidates who have declared their candidacy for the District 10 at-large seat on our city council will meet prior to the March 8 deadline. Given the importance of the election, it would be ideal and in the best interest of our community if they did. 


The truth of the matter is that anyone who wishes to should have the right to run for political office. The selection of our representatives is not through coronation but by democracy, and that is how it should be.


As we did during the 2020 elections the Black media, Davis Broadcasting, Inc. radio stations and the Courier Eco Latino newspaper will host a series of candidate forums. These forums will be live-streamed on social media and broadcast live on the radio. Representatives of the various civic and social organizations will be invited to serve as our panel of guests providing questions to the candidates.


So Travis Chambers, Rocky Marsh and Patrick Leonard, Ph.D: Let the best man win.


God help our community if he doesn’t.

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