A Special Edition of CEL News With $50 Million designated for Renovating Golden Park, What’s the Holdup?

A Special Edition of CEL News With $50 Million designated for Renovating Golden Park, What’s the Holdup?

President/ Publisher

Wane A. Hailes


During the past city council meeting City Manager Isaiah Hugley tabled a vote that would have hired a construction company to do $50 million in renovations to the ballpark when it became obvious that the measure would not pass.

We spoke with Tyson Begly District 10 an at-large representative by phone. Here is what he had to say.

 “I assumed it was a done deal since we already agreed to the lease terms and gave the Mayor authority to enter the lease. It would have been negotiating in bad faith if we agreed to the lease terms, which prompted them to end their other lease and announce they are moving to Columbus, without intending to fulfill our obligation to renovate Golden Park as quickly as possible for Opening Day 2025. 

Technically, we haven’t approved the bonds yet, but that is a formality. Barring some catastrophic event, not approving them would mean going back on our word. Reneging on our agreement at this stage, especially with a visible and supported group like the Braves, would do irreparable damage to our reputation and I assume cause us to miss out on almost all future economic development leads from the Georgia Department of Economic Development.

District 3 City Councilor Bruce Huff shared the same sentiment. “With a majority vote, we have not only approved entering into a lease with Diamond Baseball Holdings to bring their AA Braves team here from Mississippi but also to begin the process of borrowing the money for the improvements to Golden Park.

The fact that some council members are now holding up the process until the financing is secured will prevent the venue from being ready for opening day next year. To be clear there is precedent for approving the financing before it is secured. We did it with the new judicial center which is currently under construction.”




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