Courier Cutie

Courier Cutie

We’re meeting new Tri-City parents exactly where they are—at home and on Instagram with! Time to show off your adorable little ones in our "Courier Cutie" cutest baby contest. This contest is open to babies ages 0-3 years, and we invite parents to submit their baby's photo through our website. Once your submission is approved, you'll receive a confirmation email and your baby’s official "Courier Cutie" graphic.

Post it on Instagram with the hashtag #couriercutie and tag @thecourier.ecolatino to join in the fun!

Important Dates and Details
● Contest Entry Period: May 10 - June 7th
● Winner Announcement: June 15, 2024
● Eligible Babies: Must be 3 years or younger as of February 1, 2024, and reside in
Columbus, Ft. Moore, or Phenix City

How to Enter

  1. Submit a Photo: Visit our website to submit a photo of your baby. Make sure it's a solo photo (no group shots).
  2. Confirmation and Graphic: Once approved, you'll get a confirmation email and a "Courier Cutie" graphic.
  3. Post on Instagram: Share the graphic with your baby's photo on Instagram, using the hashtag #couriercutie and tag us @thecourier.ecolatino

Rules and Requirements
● Baby's Age: Must be 0-3 years.
● Location: Must reside in Columbus, Ft. Moore, or Phenix City.
● Follow Us: Parents must follow The Courier on Instagram and Facebook for the child to qualify.

The Cutie with the most votes on the Website and likes/comments on The Courier’s Instagram and Facebook will be our winners. The 4 chosen winners will be announced online and on our social media platforms on June 15, 2024. Prizes will be awarded to these lucky winners, so stay tuned for more details! This contest is the perfect way to engage with other parents and showcase your adorable little one to the Tri-City community. We can't wait to see all the cute babies! Be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook for the latest updates and other fun activities for your family.

Instagram @thecourier.ecolatino Facebook: The Courier Eco Latino Newspaper

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