Thank You Lord For One More Day…13 Years And Counting!


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Thank You Lord For One More Day…13 Years And Counting!

By Publisher Wane A. Hailes

It seems like only yesterday on March 25, 2005, the Courier Eco Latino newspaper published for the first time, and but for the grace of God, thirteen years later, we are still here.


I still believe there is more that He has in store for me but I know without a shadow of doubt this is my purpose, my calling, my ministry.


The Courier Eco Latino newspaper was founded for the same reason Samuel Cornish and John B. Russwarm started the very first African-American paper in 1827 called Freedom’s Journal. Freedom’s Journal initiated the trend of African American papers throughout the United States to fight for liberation and rights, demonstrate racial pride, and inform readers of events affecting the African-American community.


Our mission, which we’ve chosen to accept, is the same as our forefathers in publication. In our case we have taken it one step further as we offer the African Americans and Hispanics of our community an opportunity to see the news through the lens of their own eyes.


Most times, as you can imagine and have witnessed over the years, that view is a far cry from the view reported in the Ledger-Enquirer and local television stations.


After thirteen years, although some may not agree with all of our stories or appreciate the subject of our illustrations, it is no question we have solidified ourselves as a respected news publication because of our commitment to truth, honesty and integrity.


From day one we placed our emphasis and efforts on those political, social or economic issues that impact our lives. We confront the issues that need confronting and ask the questions that need to be asked. That is what we try to do with every issue, in an effort to stand true to the history of the Black press.


Three years ago we introduced Courier Eco Latino, The Magazine, a publication that has become the premiere showcase of the vibrancy of our cultures. We use it to introduce the variety of people of color in our area who continue to positively influence our community in making it a better place to “Live, Grow and Play.”


Two years ago we assembled a group of young entrepreneurs who we consider experts in their field, and formed “The Courier Eco Latino Group”, an advertising agency focused on the burgeoning African-American and Hispanic marketplace and our unique and unparalleled role to help businesses meet the growing demand this specialized market deserves. As an ad agency we have been instrumental in providing our services to a number of local political campaigns. It was also during this time period that we acquired the services of an excellent cartoonist known simply as Terry. He has allowed us to add another dimension to our publication.


Last year we were proud to announce that we took over ownership of the Columbus Black History Museum and Archives. Our goal is to reopen in a new facility by 2019. In the meantime we are and will continue providing historical information via our various social media sites.


As this year began, we found ourselves in collaboration with Davis Broadcasting, Inc. the only black owned radio station in Columbus as we broadcasted live “Under The Dome” via facebook during Columbus Day at the Georgia capital. Look forward to more from our two organizations as we firmly accept our roles as the print and radio voice of the Black and Hispanic communities.


This is just the beginning of great things to come from us which includes our annual Community Service Awards event which, this year will feature national recording artist Keith Washington, on July 28, 2018.


As our demographic and level of awareness, concern and commitment from and by our readers continues to grow, so too must we, as a newspaper evolve. Our goal for the future is that we continue solidifying ourselves as the leading source for an authoritative perspective on the African American and Hispanic communities.


From the very beginning we made a concious decision to covering local news specific to Columbus, Ft. Benning and Phenix City as opposed to state and national coverage. This was and remains a conscientious effort, given our readers immediate access to information through the growing avenues provided by social media. By remaining laser-focused on local news it allows us to continue to stake our claim as the voice of a new era, a voice that inspires, empowers, informs and when necessary entertains our community. Thus, as a part of our strategic plan we introduce our new logo and slogan and invite you to: FOLLOW THE LEADER…The Courier Eco Latino Newspaper @


We thank you for your continued support and look forward to continuing to serve you.