Batteries Not Included


Last Christmas “Santa” gave each of our grand children, Albert and Julius, one of those remote controlled cars. As we watched them tear open the packages it would have been hard for anyone to tell who was more excited the kids or us.


As soon as they unwrapped them they immediately started racing the cars against each other pushing them by hand along the floor with some difficulty.


Finally realizing the cars were controlled by remote they grabbed up the controls and turned on the switch to no avail.


“Grandpa Wane, said Julius, we need batteries for these”.


“Not a problem,” I said, as I went to the kitchen drawer where I kept my stash of batteries.


I returned only to realize the batteries were the wrong size. The car needed four AA batteries and the remote control needed a 9-volt battery in order to operate them. All I had was a hand full of D sized batteries.


Of course one look at those disappointed faces and I was off to Wal-Mart. When I returned and inserted the correct size batteries they were off again. This time, however, the cars moved with ease. And although they would run into a wall or get stuck under the dining room table every now and then, after working the remote they would eventually get back on track.


Like “Santa” for Albert and Julius, God has given each of us a gift, a purpose and a destiny upon our lives whether we know it or not. But that gift does not come with the batteries included.


Everyone’s purpose is to fulfill the will of God upon our lives, but in order to do that we have to know what the will of God is and then begin to walk in it. We have to know what the right size batteries are needed for the gift we have been given.


We all have a purpose to fulfill here on earth. That is to know Him and His Son Jesus Christ. That is step number one, there is no use going on to the next steps if we haven’t first made Jesus Lord in our lives.


If we try to fulfill the will of God without first knowing God we will be walking in our own vanity, and we will not fulfill God’s purpose nor will we ever be fulfilled ourselves. We will be just like my grandkids trying to push a remote controlled car around the floor without batteries. It’s going to be hard trying to operate on our own.


But once you understand what your purpose and your destiny is He will turn the switch of your remote control on and you will be off and running with ease.


Now please keep in mind I said with ease not that it would be easy. You WILL find yourself running into a wall every now and again and you ARE going to get stuck under a table a time or two, but as long as you understand that He is in control of the remote then all you have to do is; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He WILL direct your path.