There’s A New Sheriff In Town And Her Name Is Donna Tompkins


According to the street committee a memorandum dated November 2, 2017 was sent to all Muscogee County Bonding Companies from Sheriff Tompkins stating; Effective November 2, 2017 professional bonding companies must first receive the personal approval of the Sheriff or Designee prior to posting bond or combination of bonds which total Twenty thousands ($20,000) dollars or greater and Twenty thousands ($20,000) or greater for out of county bonds, for any one individual. This will ONLY be done Monday through Friday during regular business hours of 8AM to 6PM. The Sheriff may, at his/her discretion, require additional collateral for such bonds. In this event of additional collateral a copy of it will be filed at the Sheriff’s Office on the next business day. What this means is if an individual is arrested on Friday after 6pm and their bond has been set at $20,000 or more, regardless whether you have the money or the property to cover your bond you have to remain in jail until the Sheriff returns to work the next business day to approve it. The street committee spoke with the Sheriff and she explained that the information we received is true. The reason for the change in policy, according to the Sheriff, is too many of the local Bonding companies have been operating out of compliance showing that they are overextended in what they say they have in security to match the bonds. “Until all of the bonding companies can show they are able to secure any bonds of $20,000 or over she is not allowing them to do so unless they can prove to her they can. Because the information cannot be proven over the weekend they have to wait until it can be done during regular business hours Monday–Friday between 8am to 5pm. To date there are only three (3) Bonding companies that are operating in compliance with the Sheriffs department. If that is the case the street committee suggests that the three Bonding companies that are in compliance should not be penalized and as such, be allowed to write bonds in excess of $20,000. What do you say Sheriff?