City Councilors Thomas and Allen Respond To Allegations


In our last issue the street committee, according to very reliable source, alleged that there is a “renewed effort underway to get rid of City Manager Isaiah Hugley.” The source named current city council members Judy Thomas, Glenn Davis and Gary Allen as those who are leading the charge. The following is an email that was sent to City Manager Hugley that we were copied on.

Mr. City Manager,

“Isaiah, I just read online in the Courier that the Street Committee believes that I am leading a movement to remove you from your position as City Manager. I want to assure you that nothing is further from the truth. I was flabbergasted when I read that, wondering what in the world would make someone think that. I know that sometimes I ask questions that some people think should not be asked, but you always answer honestly and equally forthright. But as for trying to remove you from your job, nothing could be more inaccurate.

The article also said that Councilors Davis and Allen are in this with me. I do not recall ever having a conversation with either one of them about removing you.

I remember when Mayor Wetherington was asked if he was thinking of replacing you.  His answer always was, “As long as he is doing his job, I have no reason to remove him.”  As far as I am concerned, you are doing your job.

If you ever have questions about anything you think might be in the works, I hope you will pick up the phone and call.  I will always answer truthfully.”


Councilor Gary Allen had this response: ”I do not recall a similar conversation with Councilors. I feel the article is inaccurate and without merit.

A wise man told me as long as a City Manager is doing a good job there will be questions from Council and the Community.”

Although the street committee stands by its “very reliable source” and in spite of the impending political season where politicians will often say anything to get elected, we will take Councilors Thomas and Allen at their word. If nothing else we have them on the record. It is telling, however, that we haven’t heard the same from Councilor Davis.