Call It A Premonition But… Truth Is Our Vindication


We are well aware that some, not all, of our readers took offense to the cartoon that appeared in our June 22, 2017 publication titled: “Has Kia Chambers Sold Out Our Children For A Seat At The Table?”

We took a lot of heat for it. What was lost to the “some”, however, was we were not insinuating a sexual connotation but rather to show that MCSD board member Frank Myers was manipulating Kia. The caption that accompanied the cartoon speaks to that:

“Kia You’re Doing Great! No Need To Worry About What They Say, You’re Part Of The Team Now! Keep Voting The Way I Tell You And Remember You’ll Be Chairman of The Board Come January. I Promise”.

Well the votes have been cast and Frank Myers has gotten his wish. Those voting in favor of Kia Chambers as Chairman of the Muscogee County School Board were: Frank Myers, John Thomas, Vanessa Jackson, Mark Cantrell and Kia Chambers. Cantrell was voted as Vice Chairman.

This recent picture speaks for itself.

For the record our argument has never been whether Kia has the right nor have we questioned her ability to be the chairman. Our problem is the lengths she has shown she is willing to go and who she will align herself with to do so. Once again Myers has proven that he can “BUY” or manipulate Black folks by playing to their ego. Make no mistake about it, Kia can deny it 24/7 365 but the Black community knows Kia Chambers was used by Myers to get rid of Pat Hugley Green. If she doesn’t know that, then shame on her. If she does, that means she doesn’t care and that’s even worse. Whichever is the case she just lost our respect. She can try to explain it differently but her actions are proof positive that “Kia is for Kia, not the kids.” We reported it would happen on June 22, 2017 and it came to fruition January 16, 2018. You can call it a premonition if you like, but truth is our vindication.