Ty Manns…A Lesson in Faith, Perseverance and Preparation


Throughout his 24-year military and corporate career where he served as managing director for a U.S. defense sector company Major (Retired) Terrence “Ty” Manns never lost his passion for storytelling, creativity and film making.

In 1999, Ty met his friend, colleague and mentor, Mr. Rick Bieber, former President of HBO Pictures. Through Rick’s support and mentoring, Ty’s film making knowledge and writing experience grew.

In 2006, Ty joined with Rick to create the independent film production company, Angel City Pictures (ACP). Over the next three years ACP produced a number of independent film projects, too include telling the tragic true story of Luke Abbate in the film The 5th Quarter.

In 2011 Ty formed his production company CME Films. Under his CME Films banner, He recently wrote, produced and directed the films, The Turning Point, a Faith-based film about a Soldier suffering from PTSD and The ITCH, a comedy about a couple’s relationship troubles at the seven year point of their marriage. CME Films recently signed a film production deal with Donate Life America.

Finally, after years of “toiling in the fields” as they say, he received an opportunity of a lifetime as he witnessed the movie he wrote, open nationally on movie screens throughout the country. Not only did it open, but with a stellar cast consisting of veteran actors, Richard T. Jones, Kim Fields, C. Thomas Howell and others.

When we caught up with “Ty” opening night I asked him about how this opportunity came to be.

“I received a call from a movie producer, Angela White who said she was looking for faith based content. It so happened I had been sitting on a script that had just won a couple of contests. I sent it to her and she called me back saying that they liked it but would like to make a few changes if that was ok. I said I had no problem with that as long as I can write the changes that would be great. The rest is history.”

We asked Manns what words

of wisdom he would offer aspiring writers he was quick to say, “Be faithful, never give up, and be prepared because you never know when your blessing will come. Faith, Perseverance, and Preperation.”

His new screenplay, “A Question of Faith,” has just opened in theaters nationwide. It is being distributed by Pure Flix Entertainment, which also did “God’s Not Dead.”

The drama tells the story of three families from different cultures who live in the same community but are strangers. A tragic texting and driving accident brings them together and puts them on converging paths of love, forgiveness, grace and mercy.

When David Newman’s son dies tragically from a texting and driving accident, the doctors come around looking for his son’s organs to harvest so they can save a dying white girl who has a budding musical career ahead of her.  David is trying to take over head pastor duties from his Scripture-reading-robot father, but the pressure is too much, especially when his wife fully embraces advocating for organ donation in the schools.  Kate Hernandez feels like she has no hope left when her daughter is thrown into jail for texting and driving, but somehow, all of these characters come together in the end in an underserved church sing-off so they can feel good about themselves again.

A graduate of Wright State University, he has been married for 25 years to Mia Manns, a former Army nurse. Their two sons, Delone and Matthew, are in college.