Second Chance Recovery


By Attorney Jennifer Dunlap

Special To The Courier

Many of you read an article in this publication a few months back when A Second Chance Criminal Record Relief P.C. was just getting started in this area and I had just made my exit from the District Attorney’s Office after 8 years. Since that time, through that article, facebook, radio, television, speaking engagements, and word of mouth, many of you have reached out to me at my Columbus office. I always knew there was a need in this community for assistance with criminal record related issues, but I never imagined that the need was so great. In addition to using new laws to go back and retroactively alter felony and misdemeanor entries on official background reports, much of what I do has just been to educate. I have reviewed countless criminal background reports and counseled hundreds of citizens on the meaning of entries on their background. Some have believed they were convicted felons and found out through my review that they are actually not. Some have believed they were one time convicted felons, only to find out they had duplicate entries on their record. Some have gotten their felony conviction removed and gone on to obtain gun permits from our Probate Court. Even more have gotten misdemeanor convictions removed and been able to qualify for degrees in the medical field or upper level management jobs. This effort has not been just mine alone. I do want to take the time to thank our District Attorney’s Office here in the Chattahoochee Judicial Circuit under DA Julia Slater and Chief Assistant DA Alonza Whitaker, our Solicitor General Suzanne Goddard, the District Attorney of Sumpter County Plez Hardin, and Pete Skandalakis District Attorney of the Coweta Circuit. Huge thanks to our Clerk of Superior and State Court Ann Hardeman and her entire staff. Many thanks to each and every one of our Superior Court Judges Hon. Chief Judge Gil McBride, the Hon. Judge Jordan, the Hon. Judge Peters, the Hon. Judge Rumer, the Hon. Judge Smith, the Hon. Judge Gottfried, the Hon. Judge Mullins, State Court Judges the Hon. Chief Judge Andy Prather and the Hon. Judge Richardson. These are the people who have shown a commitment to our community and been willing to hear from people who have been overlooked by the system.

We all know that having a criminal record is a major barrier to all kinds of employment. Therefore, removing these barriers serves most importantly to create access to employment for a lot of people in our community that only have one transgression on their record. When people can get a job that provides for their family they are much less likely to continue criminal activity. Our goal at A Second Chance Criminal Records is to put people back to work. It’s to free people from the stigma of one mistake. It’s to equalize those that pled under the first offenders act to begin with and never had a criminal conviction, with those qualified at the time of their guilty plea, but who were never offered that relief because their attorney didn’t remember to ask. It’s also to create a place for people to come and find answers about their closed criminal matters for no cost.

While we began in the Columbus area, we are now expanding into the Newnan areas. To reach me call 706-223-5380. My Columbus office address is 1332 Wynnton Road (within the offices of Forrest B. Johnson and Associates) and my Newnan office address is 1973 GA-34 Newnan GA 30265.

For more information on the services we offer please visit or for educational videos related to criminal records please see my facebook page at Jennifer Dunlap on facebook. Also, I specialize in car accident and slip and fall cases; so don’t forget to call me for that as well.