Marc Coley Authors Financial Guide For Peers


Marc Coley is an “in your face” certified Financial Coach that targets the subject of financial psychology and disarms financial problem that plagues young adults. As a Financial Coach, Marc assists clients in developing positive relationships with money, financial goals setting, creating budgets and aids in keeping them accountable. A 2006 graduate of Russell County High School, Coley found himself undergoing months of living paycheck-to- paycheck and accumulating massive amounts of debts.

“Two years ago my credit was horrible and I had no money saved for today let alone a rainy day, said Coley. To be honest, at the time I was just living day to day. I wasn’t concerned with budgeting my money and I had no plan of action to better my circumstance.” Finally, tired of being broke, Marc decided to change his life by changing the way he viewed money. As he became financially stable he began to think of how many of his peers may be going through what he did. He recently wrote a book; “How To Unleash Your Money: 10 Principles to Get Your Finances ON Track”

Hailed as the new Dave Ramsey for a new generation of money savvy professional, Marc Coley carries a voice of wisdom and insight about financial matters. He desires to create a culture of people who are not only concerned with their social status but are also concerned with building a secure financial future.

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Marc Coley is currently serving in the United States Navy stationed in Atlanta, Georgia.