Arreasha Z. Lawrence: the Trailblazer of Music and Legacy


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Arreasha Z. Lawrence: the Trailblazer of Music and Legacy

The key to any successful and healthy community is always due to its effective leadership and how those individuals positively contribute to its local development. No matter the capacity, these personages take on creative ways to improve their city while representing it all in the same. Meet Arreasha Z. Lawrence, an innovative and trailblazing river-region native with a fiery passion for everything music that is always demonstrated in her provision. Although she is a woman of many hats, from being a minister of music for numerous churches, chief of staff and operations for G.W. Handles & Designs, a part of Mayweather Entertainment Group, and many other roles, she is also the founder of MUSEC Organization and the newly Music Legend Awards. Her multiple acts of service to her community and legacy hardly exemplify just who she is, but her extraordinary vision and desire to make an impact on everyone she encounters with her gifts does.


With the gift of music, Arreasha Z has managed to take on the world by storm. In just a short time, she has visited Princeton University for leadership training, attended and worked the 60th Annual Grammy Awards, and created two entities that will assist in bringing more opportunities and recognition to Columbus, GA, and the neighboring city of Phenix City, AL.


The MUSEC Organization is a non-profit dedicated to connecting music and education in numerous ways to reach the youth through experience, scholarship, and mentorship. Arreasha Z believes that “musicians should work in innovative spaces.” So created in 2012, its acronym represents “musicians understanding standard educational concepts”, and it has empowered individuals to contribute their own influence within music and the arts, similar to the way of its founder and current President, Arreasha Z. When she gives back through MUSEC Scholarships, she made sure that it was “not GPA affiliated,” Arreasha explains, “and no you don’t need to write an essay. Just tell us what your needs are. If we have it, we’ll give it. If we don’t, we’ll find it. If you want an instrument we’re going to find you one. To me, those are the things that are important in life. “


Amongst the important aspects in life, Arreasha Z also felt there was a void needing to be filled when providing recognition and general thanks to individuals of the entertainment realm, but on a smaller scale and within the city. She created the Music Legend Awards to celebrate the people who are worthy but may never receive any appreciation from large prominent award ceremonies like the Georgia Music Awards or the Grammys. She would highlight someone like “Peggy Jenkins because she’s right here in Columbus and has been singing forever. Will Peggy Jenkins ever get a Grammy? – Maybe not. Or what about Jojo on the corner who spends money and hours a set just to perform in front of the local pizza spot? It’s these common things. These are the people that are musicians, or artists, or producers, or arrangers that deserve to be featured in this regional based awards show, and we’re starting it right here in Columbus because we do things amazing.”

This upcoming June 30th will mark the 2nd year for the Music Legend Awards to take place, but this year Arreasha Z wants to go even grander. The inaugural show was very successful with only “a month of bare minimum advertising,” Arreasha mentions, “It was a test run to see if this really works, to see if people believe in the same thing I believe in. Guess what, it sold out. I look back at that and I thank God. This year we just want to go all the way in and do a premiere event. Red carpet, blue carpet, green carpet, whatever, right here in Columbus. Let’s bring some celebrities, and let’s go for it. I want to see these people on stage smiling to know someone actually thought of them randomly.” In regards to admittance, tickets can be purchased and there will be no limit to ticket sales, great attendance is encouraged and will be welcomed. Arreasha Z’s goal for the Music Legend Awards is to show that “we’re all human, and everyone being honored will be on the same level. They’re just probably serving in a different capacity, but that’s the whole goal. It’s to have twenty-four people on that stage to receive an award, and also celebrate humanitarians like Dr. Holly Carter and Suzette Mayweather.”


Be sure to secure your place to witness live history by attending the 2nd Annual Music Legend Awards this upcoming June 30th right here in Columbus, GA. For ticket information and the latest updates, visit To sponsor, provide assistance, or for any other inquiries in regards to MLA, Arreasha Z encourages you to email her directly at

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