2 of A Kind!


Pino Davis started 2 of a Kind! in 2001 (17 years) ago when her child went off to college.

“Ladies would literally offer to buy the accessories I was wearing. Initially, I was flattered then I thought there might be something to this. A good friend of mine, who also loved accessorizing, talked about it and we decided we would give it a try.”

The name ”2 of a Kind” came about because the ladies decided to limit the number of alike items to only 2. They took great pride in carrying unique pieces and didn’t like wearing things everyone else had.

Starting off by doing home shows with friends, word of mouth carried them from home shows to bazaars, women conferences and exclusive events.

When her partner ended up having her second child and decided to opt out the business Pino kept the business going on her own.

“We are still good friends today and she will assist with events when her schedule allows.”

“I love my 2 of a Kind! customers! They’re all my friends! The greatest compliment to me is when I see them out around town and they’re wearing their 2 of a Kind! accessories (with an attitude!). I also love it when I get calls to help accessorize for a special occasion or when the husband calls to get his wife a gift that he wants gift wrapped, says Davis.

Today, as she did when she started, she handpicks every item she sells.

“I won’t sell it if I wouldn’t wear it myself. My most popular pieces are pearls, pearls, and pearls! And turquoise! We also sell handbags and scarves when in season.”

“My little “side hustle” has blessed me over the years with so many beautiful friends and friendships that have lasted 17 plus years.”

Pino recently celebrated 34 years with TYSYS where she is the Director-Quality & Business Liason for Project SEARCH.