Local NAACP Placed Under Administratorship By National NAACP Board


Local NAACP Placed Under Administratorship

By National NAACP Board

By Wane A. Hailes

The Courier

Be careful what you post on facebook! According to a source close to the decision-making process, as the result of an alleged post on local NAACP president Tonza Thomas’ Facebook page the decision to have a national board member take control of the branch was expedited.


In a recent phone call from local NAACP president Tonza Thomas was adamant that any claims of malfeasance against her, specifically mismanagement of funds, her alleged blatant disregard of the bylaws and the Article X, which was filed to have her removed from office had been dismissed and she has been exonerated by the national board of the NAACP. Accordingly Thomas assured us she was going to forward confirming documents to the Courier Eco Latino newspaper prior to this publication. As of publication we have received nothing.


In an interview with James Gallman, the national NAACP board member from Aiken, South Carolina who was appointed administrator of the Columbus branch during a national board meeting on Friday February 16 and ratified the next day Saturday the 18th, 2018 he said what Tonza Thomas has stated is not true.


“An Article X is filed when a branch seeks expulsion, suspension or removal of an officer or member who is guilty of conduct not in accordance with the principles, aims and purposes of the NAACP, as set forth in its constitution. The Article came before the committee but due to the lack of signatures from bona fide members we were unable to move forward. That does not mean it was dismissed or that she has been exonerated. No one is exonerated until it has been dealt with and at this time it has not been dealt with because of the lack of signatures.  In fact the Article X can be refiled. I do not know when or if it will but I can tell you as a result of the number of issues addressed in the Article X I have been appointed to oversee the branch.


“As the appointed administrator, everything that is done at the Columbus branch has to go through me. The local president, Tonza Thomas will still hold her position but no checks are to be written and no meetings will be held unless approved by me.”


“My main responsibility as administrator; said Gallman, is to provide stability for the branch. I will be evaluating all facets of the branch to insure that it is following the bylaws according to the constitution. This will include the functions of the president, vice presidents, secretary and treasurer. I will also be reviewing the committee structures and appointments.”


“One of the things that I am interested in evaluating is the relationship the branch has in the community. As you can imagine our organizations lifeblood is the relationship and strength of support each branch has in its community.  After a period of time – and there is no deadline.  I will be here until I feel that everything is going well and it can be handled by the current members of the Columbus branch, If I think we need to reorganize this unit, then I will – with the approval of the board – schedule an election and elect new officers to handle the branch.”


“I am looking forward to spending time in Columbus, Georgia working with the local branch and getting to meet the people and leadership of the community.”